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Welcome to VIEW Foundation Talking book world the first bangla Daisy book site established on 1st August 2011 with the view to create and upload audio books for visually impaired persons.

Visually Impaired Education and Welfare Foundation (VIEW Foundation) is a non-profit, non-political and Voluntary Welfare service agency registered under Trust Act 1882.


VIEW Foundation works for visually impaired persons to provide technology based education and make them active and contributory member of family and society, and enjoy life with dignity.


  • VIEW Foundation will work to create accessible education materials in Braille, talking or large print and make those available online for all visually impaired persons of Bangladesh.
  • VIEW Foundation will promote Al Quran and Al Hadis learning opportunity for visually impaired persons.
  • VIEW Foundation will support and encourage visually impaired and other disabled persons learning and using computer, various I.C.T. materials and available technologies which will make them self reliant.
  • VIEW Foundation will work for skill development, rehabilitation and employment opportunity for visually impaired and other disabled persons.
  • VIEW Foundation will support advocacy to remove policy barrier for equal opportunity and full participation of visually impaired and other disabled persons in the society.

Activity and Achievements in 2013.

1. Braille Quran and Kaida print and distribution:

VIEW Foundation had arranged two times proof reading of Al Quran Braille version with a team of blind and sighted Hafez in 2013. After necessary correction VIEW Foundation had Braille printed 51 sets of Al Quran and 15 Braille Qaida for different individuals and organizations as per their order. VIEW Foundation had Braille printed 30 sets of 30 Para of Al Quran with Bangla translation and 10 sets of Qaida using Jakat fund and distributed those among blind persons.

2. Al Quran Braille reading teaching for blind children:

Department of Social Services had given permission to VIEW Foundation for implementation of Braille Quran teaching activity in 5 blind schools including Govt blind school in Khulna. So VIEW Foundation will continue Braille Quran teaching in Khulna blind school up to June 2014. VIEW Foundation started teaching Al Quran Braille reading in one blind madrasa and a blind school in Khulna from April 2012. It is expected that approximately 40 visually impaired students will learn Braille Quran reading correctly from this programme. A blind Hafez is teaching Braille Kaida and Al Quran reading.

3. Training on Daisy/Talking book production:

With the view to production of talking books in Daisy format in VIEW Foundation, Executive Director of  VIEW Foundation had attended 9 days training on Daisy book production in Saksham Trust, Delhi, India from 2nd to 10 January 2013. After successful accomplishment of training he is producing talking books using human voice in Daisy format in VVIEW Foundation. He had trained 3 sighted persons on Daisy books production and they are working part time basis for production of Daisy books in VIEW Foundation.

4. Al Hadith audio making:

VIEW Foundation had produced audio in Daisy format part 2 out of part 10 of Sohi Bukhari Sharif with the support of Social Islami bank LTD and part 4 with the support of Shaheen Education Foundation, Tangail in 2013. Audio making work is continuing for others part of Sohi Bukhari Sharif.

5. New books for high school Daisy making using human voice:

National Curriculum and Text Book Board  of Ministry of Education had given permission to VIEW Foundation to produce and distribute talking version of text books among blind students. Government had introduced and distributed new books in primary and secondary school of Bangladesh in 2013 on the basis of new education curriculum. So, blind students are facing challenges in continuing their study without Braille books and everyday class lessons. Considering above reality VIEW Foundation has taken initiative to produce 13 talking/daisy books of secondary school and distribute those talking books with MP3 player among blind students free of cost. It may be mentioned here that VIEW Foundation had produced and distributed 7 talking books among blind students of high school in 2012.

VIEW Foundation had produced 13 Daisy/Talking books of class 6, 7, 8 and 9 in 2013. Rotary Club of Baridhara had supported 3 Daisy books. The Daisy books are: Krishi Shikha for class 6, 7 & 8. Shadharan Biggan for class 6, 7 & 8. Islam O Noitik Shikha for class 6, 7, 8 & 9. Karmo O Jibonmukhi Shikha for class 6. Totha O Jogajog Projukti for class 7. Sharirik Shikha O Sastha for class 8. VIEW Foundation had distributeed 23 Daisy/Talking books with MP3 players among 252 blind students of high school and college in 2013. Out of which 3 books for college and 20 books for high school. All books are available in this website for free download

Prepared by:

Mohammad Saiful Islam Khan (Shaheen),

Executive Director, VIEW Foundation.

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